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Institute of Research and Community Service

Institute for Research and Community Service at TANRI ABENG UNIVERSITY (TAU) is designed for two main functions: to pursue excellence in research and to maintain first-class teaching programs at the graduate and/or undergraduate level. Teaching and learning programs of TAU underpins by cutting-edge research, giving our students access to the latest discoveries and ensuring that their studies are relevant in our rapidly changing world. High academic standards and curriculum dedicated to equip graduates to face global challenges.

The office is equipped with excellent library creates a learning and research environment for our students, staff and alumni which rewards excellence and innovation and promotes engagement with local, national and international communities.

Through modern approach in Institute for Research and Community Service, TAU aim to develop character, skills and talents to direct our student to become Career Ready Professionals.

The office staff team is guided by the philosophy, vision and mission of TAU, work closely with academic colleagues and senior managers to address strategic priorities in research and publication across the University.

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